8 Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Maintenance Supplies Organized

Although you adore the look of an organized home, finding the time to organize your own home is a struggle. You’re not alone. One of the biggest points of chaos in a home is the maintenance supplies you use regularly. Luckily for you, there are 8 simple ways you can keep these supplies organized.

1. Install A Wall-Mounted Pegboard

A staple in many homes throughout the decades, a wall-mounted pegboard is a versatile way to organize your tools. Pegboards allow you to hang and store any size tool in any style you desire using pegs that you attach in customizable designs. Using a wall-mounted pegboard to hang your tools also makes it easier for you access tools you need to find quickly. Hanging them on a pegboard eliminates the frustration of having to dig through a messy toolbox and detangle electric cords.

2. Use Shelves

Trying to find the cleaning supplies you need for a specific chore can turn into a treasure hunt as you search through numerous cabinets and closets. Instead of storing your supplies in different areas all over the house, consider storing them all in one central location. This means that you’ll have a lot of different cleaning supplies in one place that will need to be organized. This is where shelves come in handy. A set of shelves will give you plenty of vertical space to store and organize your cleaning supplies to make optimal use of a compact storage area.

3. Storage Racks

Storage racks are metal bars that can be attached to virtually any wall in your home to provide you with compact and vertical storage of household items with long handles. Shovels, mops, and brooms are some of the most common household tools that can be quickly hung and stored away on these metal racks. They’re durable, lightweight, and can fit inside of cramped areas.

4. Plastic Totes

Plastic totes provide multiple benefits when they’re used for the purpose of organizing your home supplies. They can be stacked neatly to provide a stable and compact pillar of storage units. Plastic totes are water resistant and constructed using a rigid structure to provide protection from water damage and from crushing damage. Totes that are made with a transparent plastic allow you to see what’s stored within the totes for easy searching and retrieval.

5. Love Some Labels

Keeping your household cleaners and chemicals in nondescript bottles without labels is a very risky way to manage your home maintenance supplies. Instead of spending time guessing which cocktail of chemicals is inside your bottles, fall in love with using labels. Labels can do more than let you know which type of cleaner is in a certain bottle. You can write down the ingredients and their measurements on a label for your do-it-yourself cleaning sprays. Labels can even be added to plastic totes or to shelves to help you better organize your supplies.

6. Adhesive Hooks

Adhesive hooks can prove to be your best friend when it comes to organizing a myriad of your home maintenance supplies. These hooks can be placed on various types of surfaces and in the smallest of cramped corners and closets. Brooms, dustpans, wet mops, extension cords, scrub brushes, gloves, garden tools, and shovels can all be organized and hung on adhesive hooks. The best part about adhesive hooks is that heavy-duty utility hooks are designed to be strong enough to hold up to seven pounds.

7. Behind-The-Door Shoe Holder

When it comes to simple yet clever ways to keep your home supplies organized, you are only limited by your imagination. A simple behind-the-door shoe holder can hold more than shoes. The deep, roomy pockets on it allow for you to stuff appropriately-sized supplies into the pockets for safekeeping and quick organization. Spray bottles, brushes, cloths, gloves, and power tool cords can all be stored inside the pockets of a shoe holder.

8. Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are useful and incredibly versatile additions to any section of your home with regards to organizing your household supplies. Hanging baskets can be installed in your bathroom, kitchen, garage, basement, laundry room, and broom closet. They fit on the back of doors, under tables, under shelves, and inside of cabinets.

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