8 Things to Consider When Selecting a Wine for Your Wedding

In, any man’s or woman’s life, several days are unique and special and cannot be experienced more than once. A wedding is one of such special days where people get to plan and execute it to the smallest of details perfectly. Numerous people do not get to experience the wonderful and exciting feeling of getting married in front their friends, thus making it one of the few occasions where everything has to be perfect. The kind of food, particularly the wine that is served at your wedding should be carefully selected to make sure all the guests will be satisfied by your selection. It is imperative to make sure that your wine selection will cater for all your wedding guests’ wide range of wine tastes (natural, white, red and rose wine) and brands. However, choosing the perfect wine is not a simple task as you may think because there are so many kinds of wine to choose from. There are several factors that you should consider when selecting the best wine for your wedding day and by keeping them in mind, everyone at the wedding will enjoy the glass of wine in front of them.

1. Alcohol Content and Price

Fortunately, there is a wide variety of wine to choose from, and each of them has a different alcohol content and price. If you visit different wine shops, you will realize that most wines are reasonably affordable and you do not have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to make an impressive final wine list for your wedding. This means you can select the best wine that has the appropriate alcohol content at the best price.

2. Aroma

Different kinds of wine are uniquely differentiated not just by their scent, but by their aroma. To enjoy a glass of wine, you should first appreciate and love its aroma even before having a sip of it. The aroma plays a huge role in the type of wine that you will serve at your wedding because it must have a pleasant and sweet scent. This will make everyone at the wedding appreciate and enjoy drinking the served wine. You should remember that people enjoy drinking wine they can understand and identify, so you should take a couple of wine samples before you decide on the final wine list for your wedding.

3. Food Pairing

It is important to consider the type of food being served at your wedding as wine is meant to complement certain foods. The pairing process is quite simple as you should know that dry red wine complements richly flavored meals and red meats, while white wine complements cream-based and light dishes.

4. Varietals

One of the most important factors is knowing the various varietals as that will significantly assist you in identifying the different wines that are available on the market. By understanding the different kinds of grapes used to make the diverse kinds of wine in the market, you will have a better and clearer idea and information concerning each wine and what to expect. This helps you in determining the final color intensity, character, and flavor of the wine. Champagne is a great way for you to understand the names and varietals of different wines easily.

5. Preference

You should also remember the class and type of guests attending your wedding. This is important as it ensures that you have the right preference to suit their specific wine requirements. If your guests prefer having a light drink, then white and safe red wine should be the preferred choice of wine for them. You should ask the wine merchant for the best labels, styles, and wine preferences.

6. Tannin Content

Tannin plays a key role in deterring the final flavor of wine during its making process. Mature wines become gentler and have nice delicate tastes over time as the tannin becomes more refined and enhances the quality of the wine. So, to avoid bitter wine, you should select more mature wine as it has the appropriate tannin content.

7. Recommendation

In case you end up confused when selecting the best wine to serve at your wedding, you can simply ask the wine merchant to assist to in deciding the best wine. Wine merchants are well-informed when it comes to selecting the best wine for various occasions as they are extremely passionate about wine.

8. Take Samples

Nowadays, there are numerous and different kinds of wine in the market, and you may end up confused when selecting the best tasting and scented wine. Therefore, it is important to take as many samples as possible to educate and familiarize yourself with the different kinds of wine. As each of them has a different taste, aroma, and characters, taking a few samples will help you select the best wine to serve at your wedding.

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