9 Benefits of Giving Flowers to Your Significant Other

9 Benefits of Giving Flowers to Your Significant Other

Long ago, in the days of our grandparents, the act of giving someone flowers occurred on a daily or weekly basis. It was considered the proper thing to do if you were a man courting a woman. The man would appear at the woman’s doorstep, ring the doorbell, and surprise his lover with a colorful arrangement of flowers as she opened the door. The woman would instantly light up and invite her gentleman caller inside for some tea, setting her bouquet as the centerpiece to their tea luncheon.

This couple probably never thought that that bouquet of flowers set the scene for their day and their luncheon. Yes, flowers are a lovely gift to make people happy, but they do much more to your brain and body than you may realize. Here are nine benefits of giving flowers to your significant other and why.

Promotes Ideas and Creativity

Flowers are inspiring. From the design of the arrangement to the variety of colors and shapes of the flowers, looking at flowers for a prolonged period of time inhibits feelings of motivation and the willingness. They encourage humans to think and create. So many famous poets, painters, and songwriters have used flowers as the subject of their art. All they had to do was walk in their garden and there was their inspiration.

Relaxes Or Energizes You

Select your flower bouquets wisely, because certain mixtures of flowers will either calm or energize the human. Flowers that are flowy, soft, and small in shape with similar colors tend to relax the brain, while flowers that are bold in their shapes and sizes with contrasting colors will energize the receiving person. Think of the setting in which you will be gifting the flowers, as well as what energy you want to contribute towards their demeanor, before you buy.

Encourages Gratitude And Generosity

When you give flowers to someone you love, you are saying, “I am thinking about you. I went out of my way to show that I care about you, and I don’t expect anything in return.” This generosity is contagious, though. After receiving flowers, your significant other is more apt to do something nice for you, or someone else they care deeply for. According to research done by Rutgers University, being generous by gifting flowers also produces a greater sense of gratitude within a person.

Aids In Painkilling

Have you ever brought flowers to your significant other while they were sick in the hospital? Well, it turns out you are doing more than brightening up the room with your happy bouquet! According to the New York Times, studies show that patients who received flowers after undergoing surgical procedures needed less painkiller than those who didn’t have flowers in their rooms. The patients also seemed to be less depressed during recovery.

Sends Important Messages Without Words

Did you know that flowers send messages for us? This is yet another important reason as to why you should choose your flower arrangements carefully. Sending roses to your significant other shows that you are feeling romantic and in love, while sending daisies may send the message that you are feeling playful and adventurous. Decide which message you want to send to your lover, and choose your flowers accordingly.

Lowers Heart Rate

If you are choosing flowers that help calm your significant other, then you are also aiding in keeping your loved one healthy! According to the New York Times, experiments show that people who are around flowers show lowered heart rates and tend to be more friendly and content with the people around them.

Promotes Intimacy and Connections Between People

Humans are always looking for ways to connect to each other, but sometimes technology and media impedes and distracts us from that connection. Just like a kiss can connect two people emotionally, so flowers connect lovers in the same way. According to a book called, An Environmental Approach to Positive Emotion: Flowers (2005),’ by Jeannette Haviland-Jones, flowers are proven to enhance intimacy and connections between two people by syncing their emotions.

Promotes Long-Term Happiness

Flowers are a great present to give because of their ability to give off a lovely scent and enhance the decor in any room. But the effects of giving a person flowers won’t wear off quickly. Seeing or smelling flowers send messages to our brain, which then produce chemicals that promote happiness throughout the entire day. What’s better than making your significant other happy all day long?

Jogs Memory

Feeling frustrated or anxious at having to remember important things? Flowers actually make it a bit easier to remember what exactly we stored in our brains. Whether your significant other is taking a test for school or giving a presentation at work, providing them with a bunch of flowers before these events will help them out tremendously!

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