9 Cost-Effective Ways to Speed Up the Moving Process

When it is time to move to a new home or office space, you probably have two main objectives in mind: keep it quick and make it cheap. There are a lot of ways to achieve a quick move as well as one that doesn’t break the bank. Knowing a few tips and tricks will speed things along and help you smoothly transition to your new place.

Here are 9 cost-effective ways to speed up the moving process.

1. Purge And Throw Things Out

You don’t want to throw everything away, but doing a good purge on your belongings will help you get rid of the things that you don’t really need in the first place. Moving a bunch of junk just takes up energy and time and if you don’t use these items regularly, they are just taking up precious space in your home. Don’t be afraid to throw stuff out because it will make the entire move easier and it won’t cost you a thing to throw out old things. If you are donating them to a non-profit location, be sure to get a receipt and use your donations as a tax write-off.

2. Find The Best Moving Company

Doing the research to find the best moving company is important in making a quick move. These companies have trained employees that know how to get your stuff out of your old home, onto a truck and into your new home in a short amount of time. The best way to move your things is to have a crew of people who can lift and maneuver things without any problems. Make sure you find the right moving company for your budget and needs.

3. Find Free Boxes

There are places that have a lot of boxes from shipments that end up in the trash every single day. Ask around to your local department stores as well as restaurants and see if anyone can donate boxes to you for free. If there are people who recently moved in your neighborhood, chances are they are looking for someone to take all of their old boxes, too! Asking around won’t hurt anything and it could end up saving you a couple hundred dollars.

4. Keep A Tool Box Ready

As you are packing and getting ready to move, there will be a lot of tools and items that you need to have easy access to. Before you pack up everything in your home, keep a box of tools, zip ties, baggies, and any other item that might help as you disassemble furniture and pack things up.

5. Call Ahead

If you are going to need your friends and family to help you move, be sure to call ahead and let them know exactly when you will need their help. Having things planned in advance will help make things smoother and easier on moving day. You can even pre-order lunch to be delivered as well as sleeping arrangements for your helpers.

6. Pack An Overnight Bag

Pack a bag for you and the members of your family to live out of for a few days while everything is in transition to the new house. Once you have this bag packed, you are able to pack up everything else in the rooms and closets and not have to worry about what you and your family will wear for the few days when everything is still in boxes.

7. Change Your Address

A few weeks before you actually move, you can go ahead and have your mail forwarded to the new address. If you have bills or other important things coming in the mail, you won’t have to stress about whether or not they got lost in the process of moving.

8. Label Your Boxes

To help the people that are helping you out, be sure to clearly label what is inside each box. To make it even easier, be sure to label what room the boxes will ultimately end up in so they can quickly move all of your boxes without having to guess where they need to go.

9. Forget The Bubble Wrap

While it is highly important to protect your breakable items, use towels, clothes or other items you already have instead of spending money on bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is a great product, but it is very expensive and unnecessary, especially if you own a few extra kitchen towels or t-shirts, which most people do.

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