9 Essentials to Bring On Your Next Disney Vacation

Planning a vacation to Disney can be a lot of fun. There are a few essentials that you should pack to take care of yourself and ensure that you have a great time for as long as you are at the parks.


Spending all day out in the sun might sound like a great idea. However, you need to protect your skin from all of the harmful UV rays, and sunscreen is still the way to go. Be sure to get at least an SPF 30 sunscreen. If you are sweating or getting wet, it’s also a good idea to reapply every two hours.


Plan on bringing a smartphone with you. There are a couple benefits to this. The first is that you will be able to take all sorts of great photos. The second is that you can download the Disney app so that you will have a map available to you without having to carry around the paper version.

Comfortable Sneakers

You will do a lot of walking over the course of the day. Comfortable sneakers are a must so that you don’t tire out too quickly. If you are prone to blistering, you may also want to get some comfortable inserts to put in the shoes. If you plan on doing any water rides, be sure that you get sneakers that you don’t mind getting wet. It may also be a good idea to pack a second set of socks.


You can never be too sure about the weather. A Poncho will protect you from getting soaked if it decides to rain. You can also choose to wear a Poncho when you go on water rides, such as Splash Mountain.

Water Bottle

It’s important to stay hydrated throughout your time at Disney. Although you can purchase bottles of water at virtually every kiosk, it can get expensive quickly. It is better to bring a refillable water bottle with you. There are water fountains throw out all of the parks, especially near the bathrooms. You can fill up as often as you need so that you and everyone you are traveling with taken plenty of water.

Portable Travel Charger

Your cell phone may die if you aren’t careful. Especially if you are using the phone to take a lot of photos or you are interacting with the app, you run the risk of the battery dying. A portable travel charger can be plugged into your phone as a secondary battery. Some even have a solar panel so that you can continue charging your phone as you walk around the park.


A backpack will make it easier for you to carry everything with you. Certain rides won’t allow you to take the backpack on with you, but there are lockers nearby. It will make it easier for you to stay on the go without having to take a break and head back to your hotel room.


It’s a good idea to pack a few snacks inside of your backpack. Whether it’s trail mix or a protein bar, aching keep you fueled in between meals at the various Disney restaurants. It will also prevent you from having to stand in line at the various kiosks in order to get the typical snack fare, such as popcorn or oversized pretzels.

Mickey Ears

You can buy Mickey ears in the park, but it’s cheaper if you get them ahead of time. Plus, you can arrive at the park with the ears so that you can feel more festive. There are ears for everyone and for every occasion, too.

No matter what, you are sure to have an amazing time on your Disney vacation. By packing properly, you can ensure that you are well taken care of at the same time.

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