9 Important Benefits of Having Your Child in Preschool

When children reach the age of three or four, they begin to learn so much about the world around them. They pay attention to and learn from new experiences, words, and behaviors. Children of this age group are also more impressionable than older children.

When children are at this age, it is the best time to begin teaching them about many aspects of their future and their environment. It has been proven many times that preschool has a positive impact on each child’s future. The benefits are plentiful, and you will not regret enrolling your child in a preschool program.

1. Socialization

By allowing your children to socialize with people outside of the family unit, you will be helping them with their social development. The sooner your child starts forming a friend group with children their own age, the easier it will be for them to overcome being shy and develop a sense of self-confidence.

2. The child will be more likely to love life-long learning

In a preschool environment, learning is done in fun ways that excite the child. This will help the child become enthusiastic about school, and they may look forward to going each day. They may learn to love reading, discovery, art, or writing while in preschool.

3. They will learn respect

Not only will children learn about respecting other people, but they will also learn to respect objects and their environment, as well. They will learn to share with others, take care of others’ belongings, and how to use manners naturally.

4. They learn to focus

Preschool teachers are trained on how to help children learn to listen and follow directions. They work to teach children to do certain tasks, and also to join in on group activities. Preschoolers will be learning to focus on the task at hand instead of running off to do their own thing.

5. They learn to be patient

At home, children may not have to wait as long for certain things as they do at school. With a classroom of other children, however, they may have to wait their turn for a drink at the drinking fountain or a turn on the slide.

6. They learn to be confident

In a safe environment away from the immediate family, children can begin to view themselves in a positive and secure way. They will learn to approach new situations confidently, developing new skills and interests along the way.

7. Diversity

Children aren’t likely to be exposed to diversity within their close family unit. In order to teach them to appreciate the differences in others, they must be exposed to other cultures and ethnicities in a positive, secure environment. This will help your child understand that everyone is different and to become well-rounded citizens.

8. Higher graduation and employment rates

According to the New York Times, children who went to preschool tend to have higher rates of high school graduation. In preschool, children learn to love learning, and they also learn how important an education is. This contributes to the higher graduation rates found.

Additionally, adults who were in a preschool program when they were a child have higher employment rates than adults who did not attend preschool as a child.

9. Lower instances of arrest and teenage pregnancy

Later in life, those who attended preschool have lower instances of arrest than those who did not attend. Among teenagers, those who attended preschool had lower rates of teenage pregnancy than those who did not attend. It seems to go hand in hand that those who went to preschool have a better grasp on what is important as they grow up.

Final Thoughts On Having Your Child in Preschool

There are so many benefits of having your child enrolled in a preschool program. The things that your child will learn and experience cannot be found anywhere else, and they will learn to socialize and be confident. Preschool can help your child become well-rounded, while also learn basic educational skills.

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