How to Design Your House for Top Dollar Return

How to Design Your House for Top Dollar Return

Shortly after a home is built, a real estate agent can usually set a reasonable asking price. However, over time, the value of a house will decrease. There are practical ways to design or upgrade a house for a top-dollar return, and you can achieve great results by following the steps in this guide.

Include Attractive Elements

The main features that potential buyers notice when they search for properties and houses are panels, paints, and landscaping. If a property doesn’t have any curb appeal, less people will want to stop to check out key features inside the home.

To make your property attractive, you must focus on the landscape first. An appealing yard needs character, and the easiest way to add it is by planting flowers. If you want to create contrast, plant a variety of colorful flowers that complement the paint on your home.

A beautiful landscape will bring people through your front door, and attractive interior design elements will encourage them to take a tour. In a home, the most important spaces that add value are the kitchen and bathrooms. If these areas are outdated, plan proper renovations because a well-design kitchen and bathroom make up a large portion of a top-dollar return investment.

Incorporate Low-Maintenance Features

When potential buyers search for a home, they always consider convenience. To provide convenience, every fixture in your house must require minimum maintenance. If possible, replace a very old water heater and an outdated furnace first. If you update these devices a year before you list your home for sale, they’ll add value, convenience, and peace of mind.

General improvements can also make a home more valuable. For example, if there is carpeting on the floor in every space, replace it with hardwood or tiles. Both of the flooring options require little maintenance, and this perk gives you a reason to raise your asking price.

Make Everything Efficient

Everyone wants to save money on energy after moving into a home, and you can use this to your advantage while preparing your house for a sale. For this task, you’ll need to invest in energy-efficient solutions for all spaces. These following hardware options are highly recommended because they conserve energy very efficiently:

  • Thick insulation
  • Double-panel windows
  • LED lighting
  • Green appliances

If you want to boost your home’s value dramatically, install solar panels. Before making this investment, let an energy auditor survey the entire home. When the survey is over, you’ll know which areas would benefit the most from a solar power system.

Expand in a Strategic Way

Home expansions give residents more options and add value. However, you can only build bigger spaces if there is enough real estate on your property for renovations. For example, if your home is built very close to a fence on a property line, you won’t be able to construct a new room that’s big enough to effectively boost the property’s market value. In this type of situation, you could still expand by focusing on other parts of your house. If your home has a sliding door, you could add a patio, or you may be able to build a deck if the ground is level in the backyard.

Install Smart Technologies

Smart technologies are highly beneficial because they operate without consistent monitoring. However, you must pick smart technologies wisely since some products only add appeal instead of value. The top smart technologies include

  • Security systems
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Digital thermostats
  • Fire detectors



In conclusion, all of these small investments can make you big returns when selling your house. Think carefully as you approach putting your house on the market and consider how the benefits and renovations will effect your asking price.

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