How to Find an Apartment When Moving to a New City

You landed a new job, or you’re getting bored with your sleepy small town. Whatever the reason might be, you’ve made up your mind to move to a new city. Finding a new apartment in an unfamiliar town can be a little bit challenging. Finding a space that meets your needs is complicated, but that’s not all. You also need to figure out what type of neighborhood suits your tastes, and that’s not easy if you’ve never lived in that particular city before.

Don’t let this discourage you though. You can find the apartment that’s just right for you. Here are some tips that will make this task much more doable.

Before you start looking at actual apartments, you will want to figure out which neighborhoods you want to live in. It does no good to search through apartments in areas that you will hate to live in. You will probably have certain needs such as proximity to your job, safety and lifestyle that you desire from living in a city such as night clubs or specialty stores. The internet has tools that help you find the right neighborhood. You can connect with people you know on social media who might live in or near the area. You can also use websites that give rich, detailed information about neighborhoods.

Another good resource for finding the right neighborhood is possibly your new employer. If you don’t know anyone who lives in your new city, your employers probably could help point you in the right direction. After all, they stand to gain from helping you move close to the office and point you to a safe living space.

After you narrow down the best neighborhoods in which to look, the next step is to decide on what are the most important things you want in the apartment and the building itself. You will make a list of the amenities you desire, and you will also prioritize which ones are most important. This way, if you can’t get one with a fireplace, at least you can find one with adequate size and space for your needs. If you are driving, it’s important to make sure there is a place to park your car that won’t put you in danger of tickets or being towed by the city.

Websites online can make the task of finding an apartment with all the right amenities much easier and less expensive. What used to take weeks of visiting apartments in person can be done in an hour or two from your laptop computer.

Another important aspect of the new home you will live in is the landlord. Pay attention to the way they answer your questions. If they are evasive or dismissive, that means they have things to hide, and the apartment probably has some major problems that you need to stay away from. Also, landlords who don’t respond well to your communications may be less likely to attend to maintenance issues if and when they arise.

It’s great to be able to save time with the internet, but you can’t rely solely on what you read on the web. When you have several places picked out, you need to see them in person, and you need to meet with the landlord to get an overall sense of the place and the people you’ll be dealing with. You could consider staying in the city for a while in either a hotel or at a friend’s house if you’re lucky enough to have that opportunity. If it’s too far to visit the city before you move in, you could consider asking a friend to check the place out for you. They might be willing to send you some pictures of the place and give you detailed impressions about the apartment, your neighbors and the landlord.

It’s also a good idea to sign a short lease in case you find that you really hate the place or the people who live on your floor and you need to move out right away. Many apartments offer a six-month lease or are willing to do a month-to-month agreement for people who are moving from far away. You could also ask to have a clause in the lease that allows you to move if you’re not happy before the lease is up.

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