How to Produce a Quality Television Commercial

Even in today’s world of on-demand, streaming content, television commercials still have a big impact on your sales. That “as seen on TV” factor still lends a “legit” quality to your product. Even so, if you don’t make a high-quality ad, your expensive TV endeavor could end up netting you zero profit. This brief guide will help you make sure that your commercial yields good results.

What’s the Hook?

If you’re going to spend big money on a TV commercial, you need a strong idea that is going to make a big impression. You need something that demonstrates how desirable the product is or makes a big enough emotional impact that people won’t forget it. Nowadays, viral marketing is the most common buzzword in advertising because it has catapulted so many businesses from meager beginnings to the big leagues.

Write a Script

Just having a good idea isn’t enough. You need to compose effective words that will resonate with people. Figure out how to get your point across with the least amount of words. Words are also crucial because people can still hear the commercial when they aren’t in front of the screen.

Decide if You Need Actors or Not

Actors add a face to your product, but there are also some very effective ads that use animation or other visuals without people in the production. If you decide that you need people in the ad, make sure they’re competent actors and have good presence on screen.

Use Pros to Work on the Production

Without experienced and talented people to handle all the aspects of creating the ad, it’s going to look amateurish. The people who shoot, direct and edit your piece need to be trained and proficient at their job. Examine their past work before you hire them to work on your ad.

Plan your Shots

A video production is a series of images in motion. In order for the final result to look right, you need to plan how to make every camera angle work. You need to capture the right elements in each frame with nothing extraneous to ruin the desired message.

Consider when wide angle shots are effective and when it’s useful to switch shots. A good video conveys the message even when the audio is turned off. Plus, you can’t overlook the crucial step of matching the audio and video so that it’s perfectly in sync and relevant to each other.

You Need a Call to Action

If you create a great ad that makes people laugh or keeps them glued to the screen, it’s all a waste if they’re not encouraged to order the product or look for it by name at the local store.

Timing and Scheduling

A great ad is not effective if your target audience is not going to see it. It might be a lot cheaper to run an add at 2 a.m., but you will reach far fewer people. You also have to weigh the price versus the benefits when choosing a TV station.

There are many aspects of producing a TV commercial. None of them should be overlooked. Make sure to thoroughly consider all these steps before you put your commercial on the air.

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