The Importance of Having Teachers Trained on Safety Drills

The world is not the same place it was when you were growing up. When you were a child in school, there was no such thing as a safety drill or an active-shooter training program. Kids practiced for fire drills. If you grew up near a nuclear power plant, and there are several in the United States, you probably did an occasional nuclear emergency drill. You did not practice staying safe from an active shooter. You might practice staying safe from a tornado, but someone coming on to your campus with a gun wasn’t a problem you had.

In fact, if you grew up decades ago, it wasn’t uncommon to find half the trucks in a high school parking lot were packed with guns. Kids who worked on farms, who went hunting, and who live in midwestern cities always had guns on them. They didn’t use them when they were upset. They had them so they could go hunt after school. It wasn’t a problem. Today, guns on school campuses are a problem. Children are shooting other children, and your teachers must be trained in safety practices to keep your children safe.

Teachers Need to Know What to Do

When faced with an emergency situation, your child’s teacher must know what to do. Being in a situation with no idea how to behave, how to react, and how to keep kids safe is not helping anyone. It might not be pleasant to send teachers to emergency drill training, but they need this information. It’s this knowledge and information that might just keep your child safe if you aren’t there to protect them from a situation like this.

Training Keeps Teachers Calm

There is not an emergency situation in which your child’s teacher will be calm. He or she is not going to remain calm in any situation in every single capacity. He or she is afraid for their own life, for the lives of their peers, their students, and they are thinking about the safety of their students, what might happen to their own families, and how they can keep everyone alive. However, training is what keeps teachers feeling calmer than they might if they’re unsure what to do.

Training Minimizes Uncertainty

There’s nothing certain about a person walking on to a school campus and trying to take the lives of innocent children and adults. However, there is a lot of uncertainty that can be avoided. When emergencies occur, people wonder what they should do. Do this go this way, that way, or do they work on this situation instead? Do they call the police, do they let the kids call their parents? They might not know what’s best, and they might feel uncertain about things. The best thing for a teacher is to train to handle anything in these situations so that their uncertainty is minimized in certain situations.

Training Makes Kids Feel Safer

In an emergency situation, the best thing for kids is to feel safe. They’re automatically going to feel a lot safer if their teacher is trained. Even if their teacher simply remains calm and acts quickly, your student feels so much safer for it. Your child is not going to feel calm with a teacher who has no idea what he or she is doing. Kids need to feel secure more than ever in a situation like this one where they might fear for their lives. Training teachers can help them keep kids calm and at ease so they don’t put themselves in further danger.

It’s not pleasant. It’s unfortunate, and it’s terrifying. Training teachers to take on shooters, to protect kids from gunmen, and to lie down and simply hope they don’t become a victim, too, is not what a school should look like. Unfortunately, it is. Teachers need to know what to do, how to do it, and what not to do. Education is important, and it helps teachers stay as calm as possible in an impossible situation. Training might not save their lives, but it will save some lives if there is proper training provided.

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