The Top Reasons Why Your Product’s Packing Matters

Package, Packaging, Box, Shipment, PacketIn business, presentation is everything, whether that’s talking about your website or the packaging for your product.

Unfortunately, too many businesses make the packaging an afterthought, slapping something together that they can put their product in that they spent thousands of dollars inventing, designing, and copyrighting.

If that’s you, then read this list. Your business packaging matters and not always for the reasons you would think.

1. It Is an Essential Element of Brand-Building

Far and away, this is the biggest reason to focus on your packaging. Whether your customers have bought something online or notice your product on a store shelf, you have a unique opportunity to sell them the product. A simple bag communicates a simple and uninteresting item on the inside, so make sure you excite people in the initial presentation. Additionally, your package should also describe ways that your product can be used, which could minimize confusion and extraneous materials you’ll have to stuff inside, which inflates cost.

2. A Good Presentation Enhances the Product Experience

Nothing happens by accident in retail shops these days (or at least, it shouldn’t). Everything from the color scheme to the smells in the air are designed to communicate to you a certain persona as the buyer of these products. The same can be said for your packaging. Apple is one of the kings of the “unboxing” experience. Their minimalist design caters to a demographic of people who value simplicity and efficiency, so by spending time designing the ideal package, they’re creating an experience that the customer often looks forward to.

3. Reusable Packaging Makes for Excellent Re-Advertising Opportunities

If your packaging is sturdy enough (like shoeboxes, for instance), your customers may be able to use it for a secondary purpose, such as storing books or upcycling it into decoration pieces. This provides the ideal benefit of minimizing the impact on the environment, but it also creates a myriad of other advertising opportunities as your customers interact with it every day. No matter how efficient your marketing budget is, you can’t buy that kind of publicity.

4. Customer Packaging Frustration is Real

Customers are just as likely to not buy something from you based on the packaging as they are to buy something from you based on the packaging. In a 2016 survey, 55% of respondents reported that the most annoying thing about their packaging experience was a package that was irritatingly hard to open. In the case of the company who packaged it like that in the first place, that translates into fewer potential sales and a general disdain for the company in the first place.

5. Good Packaging Makes It Easier to Return Items

It’s not ideal, but eventually, customers will want to return items that they bought from your company. If that process is easy, they may be apt to buy things from you in the future, knowing that if they don’t like it, it’s simple to return. If your business has a throwaway box or bag, the customer is forced to search for something adequate to do so, creating headache and annoyance. As counter-intuitive as it may sound, one of the best things you can do for your customer relationships is make it easier for them to return your goods.

6. Packaging That Is Environmentally Friendly Makes Customers Happy

There is a definite trend in business today to create packaging that is both environmentally friendly and recyclable. With nearly 5.25 trillion pieces of trash in our oceans already, we as humans have to do something to help stem the tide of that habit, or else our world will suffer as a result. Customers are doing their part by ordering items that come in environmentally-safe packaging which lowers our collective footprint and allows them to be recycled or reused in other ways. Although not everyone will make a big deal of this when they buy your products, enough people care that you will notice an impact in your bottom line when you switch to packaging that’s environmentally-friendly. And even if you don’t, it’s still a good thing to do for the world we live in anyways.

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