What We Cover

When people start talking about social issues, they automatically assume we are talking about hot button topics such as abortion or gay rights. And while it is true that those topics are part of the range we cover, they are not the only things that make up the content on our site. We have our writers covering a variety of issues, some of which impact Americans in general, while others more specific to a state or city. We believe that the diversity in our reporting is one of the strengths of our site, and it is something our readers appreciate.

The types of issues we cover include public housing, healthcare, disability issues, small businesses, drug addiction and policing, immigration, workers’ rights, cases of police brutality and much more. We know that some of our readers prefer that we focus on one or two issues. However, we believe that would do a disservice to our other readers, as they are interested in almost everything we publish on the site. And most of us care about a lot more than one or two issues, which is why our focus is so broad. If there is a relevant news story that touches on social or family issues, we want to cover it in some way.

For instance, the transgender debate got a lot of news because of events in North Carolina, where the controversial bathroom bill was enacted. Some may have wanted us to ignore that and focus on the topics that usually make our main stories, but we believed it was something that needed to get covered. We presented the facts from both sides, and showcased an argument that we believe was fair to people who may have differing opinions on the issue. And we continued to follow up on the story until it reached some type of conclusion. That is how we operate with any story.

Events that are taking place in the nation will impact the type of reporting we do. For instance, the past few months have brought things such as immigration and healthcare to the forefront. These issues are getting a lot more attention than something like abortion or gay rights. It does not mean we have stopped caring about the latter two issues, it simply means that current events dictate what is gaining more attention in the press and in peoples’ lives. We always want our readers to have the latest and most relevant information about social and family issues.